Guideline for Gourmet: The Best Brunch Restaurant In Hanoi

Hanoi has a strong culinary tradition. One of Vietnam‘s most famous dishes, pho, is said to have come from Hanoi. It is no surprise then that Hanoi has some of the best restaurants in Vietnam. Here we recommend our favorite breakfast eateries – we’ve included fine dining and budget options with a mix of Vietnamese and more Western-styled restaurants.

JW Café
Restaurant located in JW Marriott
JW Café is located within the JW Marriott Hotel and has a huge selection of buffet foods to choose from. There’s cuisines from Vietnam, Japan, Spain, Italy, Korea, and more – you name it and they’re likely to have it. The brunch on Sunday costs £28 and includes alcohol; that is, cocktails, champagne and beer, making brunch at this luxurious venue a must-try.
Price: fine-dining
Watch out for: Sunday brunch
Opening hours: 6am-10.30pm
JW Marriott Hanoi, No 8 Do Duc Duc Street, Hanoi 10000, Vietnam, +84 4 383 35 588

Sofitel Legend Metropole Hotel
Three breakfast eateries
The Sofitel Legend Metropole Hotel actually contains three restaurants to choose from: Le Beaulieu, Spice Gardens and Angelina. The first of these, Le Beaulieu, has French cuisine, the second has Vietnamese food, and the third serves a variety of delicious Italian dishes. All three restaurants come highly recommended for both brunch and, should you wish, dinner.
Budget: fine-dining
Watch out for: the colonial style building
Opening hours: 8am-12pm
15 Ngo Quyen Street, Hoàn Kim District, +84 4 3826 6919

La Badiane
Cuisines from across the world
La Badiane’s menu include international, fusion, French and vegetarian cuisine. The restaurant is situated in an old colonial villa and has a small garden courtyard as well as a cozy dining area upstairs, which is divided into separate rooms. All of the staff speak French, English, and Vietnamese and are very friendly.
Price: fine-dining
Watch out for: coffee-marinated lamb
Opening hours: 11.30am-2.30pm
10 Nam Ngu, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi, Vietnam, +84 4 39 42 45 09


Café 129
English and Vietnamese breakfast
Mains are all under 100,000 VND here and they’re delicious. From traditional Vietnamese dishes to an English fry-up, all dishes are tasty and large. The menu also includes healthy and refreshing fruit juices. They don’t speak English here, however, so you might want to brush up on some Vietnamese before arriving.
Price: budget
Watch out for: the breakfast burrito
Opening hours: 9am-7pm
129 Pho Mai Hac De, Hai Ba Trung District, Hanoi, Vietnam, +84 4 4 821 6342

Puku Café
24/7 café
Puku Café is the first and only café in Hanoi to be open at all hours of every day. The café have also marketed themselves as a takeaway joint offering a 24/7 delivery service. With Irish nachos at 135,000 VND and salads at 90,000 VND, it is well worth ordering online, or indeed visiting the café for brunch.
Budget: mid-range
Watch out for: eggs benedict
Opening hours: always open
16-18 Tong Duy Tan, Hanoi, Vietnam, +84 4 3938 1745

DC Bistro
Didieu Corlou’s new enterprise
Didieu Corlou, the award-winning chef and founder of the fine dining restaurant La Verticale, has opened another restaurant a few doors down called DC Bistro. DC Bistro is a small, bistro restaurant serving home-style dishes at really great value. The interior consists of dark wood tables and chairs with lots of mirrors and a beautiful balcony with a view.
Budget: mid-range
Watch out for: pork cordon blue
Opening hours: always open
15A Ngô Văn Sở, Hanoi, Vietnam 10, +84 4 39440288


Quan An Ngon
Tasty pho
‘Ngon’ means ‘delicious’ in Vietnamese and serves as the perfect descriptive adjective for this restaurant. The cooking here is divine and very traditionally Vietnamese, serving a huge array of seafood and varieties of pho. The atmosphere is bustling and always filled with locals.
Price: mid-range
Watch out for: tangy fish sauce
Opening hours: 10.30am-9pm
18 Phan Boi Chau Street, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi, +84 4 3747 3388


Joma Bakery Café
Café popular among expats
Joma is a popular destination amongst expats and serve some of the most delicious coffee in all of Hanoi. Aside from their drinks, they serve great sandwiches, pastries, quiche, muesli and fruit shakes. It’s an excellent place to go to if you want a break from Vietnamese dishes and crave a taste of Western food.
Price: budget
Watch out for: turkey sandwiches
Opening hours: 7am-9pm
#58A Lane 31 Xuan Dieu Quang An Commune, Tay Ho District, +84 43 747 3388

The Hanoi Social Club
Breakfast eatery with music
This is another great place to brunch alongside expats and one of the only breakfast eateries where you’ll be able to find English newspapers inside. Acoustic bands often play here so there is also a chance to listen to some music alongside your food. The Hanoi Social Club also has good wifi and a roof from which to enjoy your brunch.
Price: mid-range
Watch out for: tasty vegetarian options
Opening hours: 8am-11pm
6 Ngõ Hội Vũ, Hàng Bông, +84 04 3 938 2117

Saint Honoré
Breakfast eatery in West Lake
Saint Honoré is located in Hanoi’s West Lake and works as a bakery, deli and restaurant. They are infamous for selling the best cakes in Hanoi so if you feel like a brunch filled with great pastries, Saint Honoré is the place to visit. Saint Honoré is also an excellent place to visit for afternoon tea.
Price: mid-range
Watch out for: pastries
Opening hours: 8am-1pm
5 Xuan Dieu, Tay Ho, 33 Hang Buom, Hanoi, Vietnam, +84 4 3933 2555

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