3 “irresistible” desserts of La Badiane restaurant in hanoi

La Badiane is not only famous but also impress the customers with the special desserts in style of the combination of Asian and European cuisine. Let’s name 3 desserts that you can hardly resist at La Badiane restaurants

1. Banana roll cake, with chestnut, hazelnut, salty caramel, French diamond salt, chestnut cream
It is a wonderful combination of Asian and Europe cuisine. The savory, fragrant, tasty banana roll cake with hazelnuts, French diamond salt and chestnut cream is combined together making an interesting dish.

The sophisticated combination of materials which is from hot to cold, from savory to sweet, from simple to advanced is all perfectly blended creating “a sweet symphony” in the diners’ mouth. Banana roll cake, with chestnut, hazelnut, salty caramel, French diamond salt combining chestnut cream will give you a strange taste.

Banana roll cake of La Badiane creates “a sweet symphony”in the diners’ mouth just for the first enjoying

2.Lemon ice-cream and burnt cream rosemary tart
Served with each other, this couple is a great combination for the sweet-aholics. Lemon ice-cream is made in perfect ratios making slightly fragrant, less lemony sour but not acrid sweet. To balance the sour, lemon ice-cream is combined with grapefruit and sweet raspberry salad casually but subtly. And coming along with it is the tart which is coated with a crunchy on the surface and sweety on the outside burnt sugar layer, and served with the delicious and rosemary flavored cream layer and absolutely make you unable to “refrain”.

3.French Brioche Bread fried with cream is used with banana, salty caramel, French diamond salt
Always placed in the list of the delicious and most famous bread in the world, Brioche bread is one of the representing dishes for France, imbued with the spirit and culture of France.

At La Badiane, the traditional taste of Brioche reaches a new level when the bread is roughly fried with cream, just enough to draw the sweet without losing the originally delicious taste of the bread. Coming with Brioche is sliced bananas which is neatly arranged on the surface of it and covered by salty caramel sauce – which is supposed to be “the sweetest addictor” in the world.

French Brioche Bread fried with cream, used with banana, salty caramel, French diamond salt is always placed in the list of the most delicious bread in the world

Discover and enjoy the special desserts of La Badiane at No 10, Nam Ngu. Contact to reserve a table at: http://eatout.vn/

From: Eatout.vn – best french restaurants review site in hanoi


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