About EatOut


1. What’s Eatout

Eatout.vn is built to develop “high-quality” restaurants information and guidelines as well as trust gourmet’s reviews everywhere. Eatout.vn allows users/members easily to search, rank, review, and share… the high-quality, well-known restaurants in Vietnam.

2. Main features of Eatout.vn

  • Enable users/members to search, rank, and review, share the restaurants/foods with most convenient way.
  • Enable restaurants to provide their deep information, including: branding, contact, services, food/menu, reviews, ranks, discounts and events.
  • Enable users/members to view the website with their preferred languages: English, Vietnamese, Japanese and Korean.
  • Enable users/members to make reservations, order foods, get the deals/promotions and other high-quality services.

3. Partners – Restaurants of Eatout.vn

Eatout.vn focus on providing “high-quality” restaurants information, including:

  • Restaurants in 4+5 stars hotels
  • High-quality Japanese restaurants
  • High-quality Korean restaurants
  • High-quality restaurants in tourist attraction
  • High-quality restaurants in most popular areas for expatriates to live in Vietnam



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