5 suggestions about restaurant for Christmas party in Hanoi

Although Christmas is not a public holiday in Vietnam, it has been received much recognition from the local residents. From the beginning of December, Hanoi’s streets are all decorated with Noel’s patterns that create a festive environment helping any expats off being homesick in the night of Christmas.
Integrating with Hanoi’s festive environment, you can totally have fun for this Christmas if you are in Hanoi. Here are our suggestions to the best restaurants for Christmas in hanoi.

1. Pots ‘n Pans

Pots n Pans’ unique design blends Hanoi tradition and modernity while the fusion cuisine is Vietnamese with an international flair. Pots n Pans’s cozy atmosphere is a favorite spot for many families that locates in the center of the city. Spacious private rooms with simple but elegant decorations are also suitable for a big gathering of family members. Here in Pots n Pans, you will be able to find the familiar tastes of Vietnamese cuisine served in the luxurious Western style. High-quality dishes along with elegant and cosy ambience here is always highly appreciated by their expat diners therefore, if you have a meet with your business partners or a warm family union, a day to date with your friends and lovers, Pots n Pans should be on your top list.

This Christmas, Pots ‘n Pans will give you a “delicious gift” as a special Xmas menu. Combining two styles of cuisine, Vietnam and Western, the talented chef in Pots ‘n Pans has created traditional and also modern food with Roasted turkey in young sticky rice with apricot or Roasted Argentina beef tenderloin with honey and Dijon mustard for main course and Christmas pudding cake with blueberry, date palm, almonds, rolled oats served with nougat ice-cream for dessert.
The price for each person is 990.000đ/pax (without wine) and 1.590.000đ/pax (pairs with wine for each dish).


Address: 57 Bui Thi Xuan Street, Hai Ba Trung District, Hanoi
Opening hours: 11:00 am – 11:00 pm

2. La Badiane

Surrounded by harmonious leaf plants, & walls predominantly white alternating with carefully chosen vivid colors, the place provides for a true feeling of calm and elegance, which gathers the best conditions to let your senses express themselves. When coming in, an open-sky corridor planted with luxuriant vegetation leads you towards the heart of the restaurant. One’s attention will be instantly caught by the multitude of perfumes & aromas flowing out of the open front kitchen. The second floor with two dining rooms painted red will either cool you down in the hot summer with air-conditions, or warm you up in the cool weather of the monsoon season in Hanoi. At the same time, they provide you with a closed dinning space that respects your privacy.
To be able to bring memorable culitary experience to customers, the standard of the food now no longer is for “eating to be full”, it is for “eating to be fulfilled”. Therefore, the chef couldn’t stop innovating to make a new and attractive meals. The fresh ingredients are selected and cooked so well that they could remain the ordinary taste and their rich nutritious. This year, La Badiane has new Season’s Greeting Lunch such as the Sea Choice and the Earth Choice. The Sea Choice will amaze you with fresh ingredients from the sea like Smoked Salmon and Grill Prawn or you can choose to enjoy their signature Foie gras or 5 Spices Beef Fillet.
The price for each lunch menu is 695.000d and 1.790.000d for dinner.


Address: 10 Nam Ngu str, Hoan Kiem, Ha Noi
Opening hours: 11:30 – 14:00 | 18:00 – 21:45 | Sunday Close

3. Oven D’or

For a special occasion or relaxed evening with family and friends, find a welcome retreat at Oven D’or, one of Sheraton Hanoi Hotel’s most popular dining venues. Upon entering, the modern and welcoming décor proves most appealing, setting the stage for the feast to come. Two dining levels and a private dining room make it ideal for any event. For private affairs, the restaurant houses a 40-person private dining room—advance reservations are required.
Those interested in ordering from the à la carte menu will find the chilled lobster salad, crispy shrimp tacos, and Vietnamese dalat vegetable curry menu highlights. A children’s menu, designed for kids up to 12 years old, featuring pasta, chicken nuggets with fries, and more. They also have live cooking station for every guests to come and lively watch the chefs doing their jobs.
Christmas Menu at Oven D’or costs 1.900.000d per person and 2.300.000d per person that pairs with drink such as juice, soft drink and wine.


Address: Sheraton Hotel, K5 Nghi Tam, 11 Xuan Dieu Str., Tay Ho, Ha Noi.
Opening hours: 6:00 AM – 10:00 AM | 11:30 AM – 2:30 PM | 6:00 PM – 10:00 PM

4. Hemispheres Steak & Seafood Grill

Situated across from the fountain courtyard, Hemisphere’s Steak & Seafood Grill features a lovely balcony overlooking West Lake, the pool, and the garden. Its tranquil views prove almost as tempting as its array of delectable dishes. Each appetizer, entrée, and dessert can be enjoyed outdoors or in our elegant interior. Natural daylight illuminates this welcoming space, from the tufted chairs to the vaulted ceiling with impressive wooden beams. An open kitchen showcases our chefs’ many talents.

Choose from Black Angus, U.S. prime sirloin, rib-eye, rump, and tenderloin—grilled to perfection and accompanied by fresh salads and locally grown vegetables. Those seeking the best steak in Hanoi are invited to try our Wagyu beef with peppercorn sauce or forest mushroom gravy. Seafood eaters will be equally delighted by our large selection, from fresh fish and crabs to oysters and clams. The grilled Nha Trang lobster is a popular choice. Pair your dish with an impressive array of wines by the glass or a bottle from our “Wines of the World” selection.

On Christmas Eve, Hemispheres Steak & Seafood Grill will merry the night with a menu of 5 delicate dishes which cost 1.350.000d per person include a glass of Rose wine.


Address: Sheraton Hotel, K5 Nghi Tam, 11 Xuan Dieu Street, Tay Ho District, Hanoi
Opening hours: 6:00 PM – 10:30 PM

5. Saigon Restaurant

The charmingly decorated Saigon Restaurant is infused with dark woods, vibrant red furnishings, dramatic glass-fronted kitchens and aromas as rich as the décor. Located on the second floor of the main building, guests are invited to relish in stunning views of West Lake, the pool and Hanoi’s ever-changing skyline. This chic dining locale offers authentic Vietnamese and local specialities.

Saigon introduces an innovative dining concept to Hanoi – the freshest blend of Vietnamese and Chinese cuisine. The restaurant features contemporary Asian design, dramatic glass-fronted kitchens and inspiring views of the City’s ever-changing skyline.
Executive Chef Eric Fettke oversees all the restaurants, but holds a special place in his heart for the fresh ingredients and the made-to-order preparations of Saigon. “Great flavors and great combos are the key things of cooking,” Chef Fettke beams. “Nothing is done here in advance at Saigon, it is all done fresh.” And the patrons notice; from the crunch of vegetables to the melt-in-your mouth fish and meats selection. If fresh is the key, Saigon has unlocked the door. The Indochinese theme focuses on Asian fusions from Singapore, Thai fare, and traditional Vietnamese dishes. Utilizing local ingredients and inspirations, the culinary team is spot-on with truly triumphant starters such as Mawk Mak Phet, chili peppers stuffed with fish, barbecued and served with chili jam; and Epok Epok, Singaporean curry puffs with beef, parsnips, and curry in a light crispy pastry.

On Christmas Eve, Saigon will serve you their special menu for Xmas, which includes many fusion dishes with the price of 1.000.000d to 1.500.000d for each person.


Address: InterContinental Hanoi Westlake Hotel, 1A Nghi Tam Str., Tay Ho, Ha Noi
Opening hours: 06:00 PM – 10:30 PM


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