Food tour: Discover Asian cuisine in Hanoi with 10 suggestions

If you have ever fallen in love with Asian cuisine with strong flavored dishes that carries the culture of each country, you shouldn’t miss an interesting food tour around Hanoi. The below Asian restaurants that demonstrate typical taste of Asia countries will be the best destination for your trip.

Restaurant with vietnamese style

1. Madam Hien restaurant

As one of the most famous Vietnamese restaurants for both local and foreign diners, Madame Hien contribute significantly to Vietnam’s rich culinary diversity. The restaurant is located in a small street in the Old Quarter, which made it even more traditional. Designed classically with wooden interior and black and white combination, Madam Hien restaurant brings out a very “Hanoian” atmosphere.

The cuisine of Madame Hien is the dedication to the method of cooking, the Vietnamese ancestral culture and the artisanal, regional knowledge of over one thousand years. Madam Hien doesn’t have a big menu but tries to put cares and chef’s heart into each dish instead. With the talent of the French chef, the diversity of the Hanoi region and of Vietnam is reflected in the menu as the way to pay his tribute to his wife’s grandmother and to all Vietnamese women of the past and present. Try crab noodle soup, banana flower salad with peanuts, chicken and mortadella or rice in clay pot with spices together with your wife, your women, your family or even foreign business partners.

This is also a place where you can experience Vietnamese culture through an exciting cooking class for foreign tourists in the city.


Address: Madame Hien Restaurant – 15 Chan Cam Str., Hoan Kiem Dist., Hanoi

2. Rue Lamblot Restaurant and Café

Near from Hoan Kiem Lake, Located on Ly Quoc Su street in the heart of the city, Rue Lamblot is the perfect combination of past and present from its interior to dishes’ flavors. Rue lambot is a creative blend of modern French design style and the traditional Hanoi cuisine. . This is the place where you will find yourself sitting in an ancient Hanoi with a little touch of French arts in the design.

Rue Lamblot serves Vietnamese traditional dishes with a little surprise with the traditional bamboo plate and tray as presentation.  The talented chef of more than 20 year experience blows the essence of Vietnam culture in each dishes, creating a new style for enjoying Vietnamese cuisine.

So if you ever fall in love with Vietnamese foods, Rue lambot is for you not to miss. There are a variety of scrumptious plates,  from simple delicacies to new, modern tastes for you to discover.


Address: Rue Lamblot Restaurant – 6 Ly Quoc Su Str., Hoan Kiem Dist., Hanoi

3. Club de L’Oriental Hanoi

Club de L’Oriental Hanoi is the biggest name when it comes to luxury Vietnamese restaurant. Found in year 2008 and located in the heart of Hanoi, Club De L’Oriental fine-dining restaurant celebrates a confluence of exquisite Vietnamese contemporary cuisine with varied classical dishes. The decor is originally beamy-old style with a special private dining rooms surrounded by the cellar if fine imported wine.

Offering a unique feast for the senses, Club De L’Oriental has been selected and trusted by diplomats, senior managers as well as gourmet travellers for many years. The place has a diversified menu of Vietnamese dishes, which customers can enjoy within a cozy and comfortable atmosphere. Don’t forget that they also have the biggest bar area in South East Asia here with the fine wine collection of 10.000 bottles that you may enjoy whenever in your meal.


Address: Club de L’Oriental Hanoi – 22 Tong Dan Str., Hanoi

4. Wild Lotus restaurant

Wild Lotus is a familiar address for special dinner with traditional Vietnamese dishes. Hanoi’s Wild Lotus restaurant & Lounge showcases comfortable ambience with soothing background music piped quietly through the venue. Step across a flower strewn pond into the Zen garden and enjoy the culinary journey along the ancient spice routes while staying firmly grounded in Vietnam’s capital city.

Here you will be able to find the typical taste of Vietnamese cuisine that is served in   The extensive menu offers Asian favourites and classic Vietnamese food like spring rolls and spicy pumpkin soup with a contemporary spin or hot and sour duck soup, chayote leaves salad, stir-fried sea clams with tamarind sauce or deep-fried squid with sate sauce; all come highly praise.

Demonstrating a cozy, peaceful and luxury atmosphere, the restaurant is not only a favorite place for couples and small families, but also an ideal place for friendly company gathering.


Address: Wild Lotus Restaurant – 52 Nguyen Du Str., Hai Ba Trung Dist, Hanoi

Restaurant with Japanese style

5. Benkay Japanese restaurant

After many years operating, Benkay restaurant inside Nikko Hanoi hotel is still among best Japanese restaurants in Hanoi. Ever ranked as a top restaurant serving authentic Japanese food in Vietnam, Benkay offers gourmet with premium dishes and polite service. Coming to the 2nd floor of Nikko Hanoi hotel, you will find yourself in a spacious restaurant with a harmony of Japan traditions and modern design. The restaurant atmosphere is simple and uses light colors to offer a relaxing environment that is ideal for business meals and to enjoy the food and service to the fullest.

Their ingredient is daily directly imported from Japan and each piece is guaranteed the highest quality and taste by Master Japanese Chef Shimizu. Food offerings are changed regularly to offer menus according to the seasons and to respect the traditional cooking methods. The service style is unobtrusive yet elegant and refined. With a menu of hundreds of Japanese typical dishes from sushi to noodles and soups, Benkay is doing well enough to secure its position among hottest names in Hanoi. Bekay was ever awarded the best Japanese Restaurant in Vietnam Award 2004, Guide Award for excellent performance in 2006.


Address: Benkay restaurant – 2nd floor, Nikko Hanoi hotel, 84 Tran Nhan Tong Str., Hai Ba Trung Dist., Hanoi

Restaurant with Chinese style

6. Crystal Jade Palace

Chinese food cannot be missed when talking about Asian cuisine. Meanwhile, Crystal Jade is the leading restaurant when you want to enjoy Chinese flavors. As a top restaurant serving signature Cantones cuisine in Ha Noi, Crystal Jade Palace is a famous brand with many honored prize. Located inside Marriott hotel, boarding a spacious space and a luxurious design looking out to nature, offering a beautiful setting of six private dining rooms and three outdoor terraces overlooking the lake, Crystal Jade can satify even tough requirements of those important business meetings. This is the place you should come for a romantic dinner.

Crystal Jade is famous for its variety of dim sum that is diversified in taste and other Guangdong famous dishes. Gourmets would come here to enjoy many authentic Chinese foods, including: Beijing duck, nest soup cooked with crab meat and some typical dimsums. The restaurant will definitely satisfy the taste of Chinese food-lovers.


Address: Crystal Jade Palace – JW Marriott Hotel, No.8 Do Duc Duc Str., Tu Liem Dist., Hanoi

7. Ming restaurant

Ming restaurant is also a must-come restaurant when it comes to Chinese cuisine. With the best location right beside West Lake, Ming restaurant will be a great stop after a long day visiting Hanoi. Offering Oriental cuisine in a graceful ambience, Ming Restaurant delights guests with a wide array of authentic dim sum dishes and a distinctive à la carte menu. Here customers will have a chance to try 80 different types of dim sum and other international dishes.

After a satisfied dinner, you may also go upstair to Summit Lounge, the famous bar on the rooftop of Sofitel Plaza, to enjoy some cocktails while reveling in the beauty of city from above. The cozy, serene atmosphere and three private rooms make it an ideal venue for family gathering as well as business luncheons.


Address: Ming Restaurant – Sofitel Plaza Hanoi, No.1 Thanh Nien Road, Tay Ho Dist., Hanoi

Restaurant with Indian style

8. Khazaana 1992 Indian

Khazaana has been named best Indian restaurant by the Vietnam Economic Times for the last six years running. This capital city treasure trove of authentic Indian and halal cuisine will make your olfactory senses sing and your stomach smile. Located on Ly Thai To in the heart of Hanoi, Khazaana’s extensive menu covers a wide range of Desi Indian and Mughlai cuisine around a broad spectrum of mild to explosive flavours. With lilting, golden melodies of Bollywood dancing in your brain, your Indian dining experience at Khazaana is guaranteed to be a genuine one. If you’d love halal food or just haven’t had a chance to try Indian cuisine, let look no further than Khazana in the heart of Hanoi.

Khazaana 1992 Indian-10-asian-restaurant-in-ha-noi

Address: Khazaana 1992 Indian – 34 Duong Thanh Str., Hoan Kiem Dist., Hanoi

Restaurant with Thai style

9. Gusto Thai

Thailand is a big name in Asian food culture thanks to its tropical flavors and colorful presentations. Gusto Thai is the top of mind address when a food lover is looking for Thailand’s sweet and spicy tastes. Pad thai, mango salad, tom yum soup or Thai’s hotpot will be an ideal choice in a chilling winter day in Hanoi.


Address: Gusto Thai – 9 Phan Chu Trinh Str., Hoan Kiem Dist., Hanoi

10. Sawadee Thai restaurant

Sawadee Thai is one of the first Thailand restaurants in Hanoi back in 1997. Coming into the restaurant, you can feel the Thai’s style in every decoration, patterns and design of the interior. Sawadee does not only serve the famous tropical flavored dishes of Thailand, but also presents them in the most attractive way as an extra value for their customers.


Address: Sawadee Thai – 52A Ly Thuong Kiet Str., Hoan Kiem Dist., Hanoi

Source: Top 10 asian restaurants in hanoi


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