When Pizza does not only belong to the Italian cuisine

Whenever mentioning Pizza, everyone would think about the Italy – the nation of many ancient cities with romantic paths that everyone desires to see once in life. However, the pizza does not only belong to Italian people but it has also traveled around the world in many kinds of variant forms. That these interesting elements make surprising for the worldwide gourmets.

Discover Pizza’s ancestor, the best representation of Italian cuisine


You must have tried this famous dish and found it easy to look for one pizza inn in the city. However, few people know exactly the origin of this crispy cake having a deep crust. The authentic archetype also stir up lots of arguments, when it is argued that its ancestor are the wheat flour cakes baked on the flat and hot stones in Napoli, Italy approximately millennium ago. On the other hand, it is believed that the ancient Greeks who must be the father of this unique cake.

In reality, Pizza appeared in the stone age and started as the dried loaves of bread that are baked on the hot stones left from different fire storms. Afterwards, the pizza surface was spread with the leftover to enjoy, making the Pizza become a budget-friendly fast food.

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6 versions of pizza in the world make your heart flutter

  • Tarte Flambébe in France

Tarte Flambébe in France

The special feature of this Pizza is that it is not as circular as other normal ones but cut into different rectangles. The cake bottom is thinner with the core that is covered with cheese, cream sauce, onion and sliced bacon.

  • Lángos in Hungary

Lángos in Hungary

The bottom of Pizza Lángos is made by Hungarian people from the dough and then fried on a pan. The core is covered with cheese, sour cream, onion and shrimps at request of customers, making Lángos become one of the most favorite street foods in Hungary – the country with flourish culture and ethnic history.

  • Sfiha in Syria

Sfiha in Syria

Sfiha is a little meat pies with the hand size not only favored in Syria but also famous in the Middle East. Quite like baking the traditional pizza, the Sfiha will be baked in the oven at 450 degrees within 15 minutes. About the core, you will get to enjoy the amazing taste of the lamb mince with a special flavor of the intertwined pine nuts and green onions.

  • Zapiekanka in Poland

Zapiekanka in Poland

Zapiekanka easily steals the hearts of the international diners by its creative combination between the pizza and the classic sandwich. In Poland, people are keen on having many mushrooms and onions spread all over the surface of a long bread, and then it will be baked until it is melted. It is really attractive. Furthermore, the tomato sauce is a great company embellishing the cake crust.

  • Bulgogi pizza in Korea

Bulgogi pizza in Korea

One more special dish is favored by the Korean youths. It is called as the Korean-style shredded beef pizza that is easy to make and easy to please diners. Bulgogi Pizza is usually pan-fried with the whole pre-cooked toppings. The main ingredients include the beef, onions, carrots, Baro onion, cheese and a little sesame seeds on the surface of the pizza.

  • Neapolitan Pizza in Italy

Neapolitan Pizza in Italy

Being made in the home of Pizza, Italy, the Neapolitan cakes are trusted to bring a style that can not be mistaken – tradition and simplicity. The bottom of the cake is quite thick with the cheese edges while the core inside is covered with tomato sauce and the famous Italian Mozzarella cheese. However, this amazing simplicity surprisingly brings us a high-grade pizza.


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