Dining handbook for expats in Vietnam

Hanoi restaurants are plentiful and discovering its burgeoning culinary scene is the next best thing to do if you travel and live in Hanoi. Found within Old Quarter’s narrow alleyways and bustling street markets, Chinese and French styles have mixed with Vietnam’s plentiful native crops and amazing seafood.

Meanwhile, affluent foreigners can enjoy a plethora of stylish dining venues all over the city, offering breath-taking views of Hanoi and beyond with an extensive menu of French, Japanese, Thai and Chinese cuisine. From savouring authentic Vietnamese dishes by the busy roadside to a luxurious dining affair in a classy eatery, our guide on where and what to eat in Hanoi encompasses a wide array of styles, budgets, locations, and preferences. So Eatout.vn website is built to develop “high-quality” restaurants information and guidelines as well as trust gourmet’s reviews everywhere in Vietnam.

6 months after being launched, the website – suggestion about restaurants & culinary destinations based on reviews from gourmets all around – Eatout.vn has received many positive feedback and contributions. With the aim of improving service quality and adding value to users especially expats, Eatout keeps improving on existing features and latest update in gadgets which become more attractive but easily to use. Besides, we also aim at reaching and supporting directly users through culinary publications including the best and most detailed instructions.


This April, after a long period of preparation, Eatout is releasing a food guide named Eatout Passport for the purpose of bringing to foreigners the most memorable fine dining experience in Vietnam. Thenceforth foreigners as well as visitors when coming to Hanoi will have a great direction for choosing restaurants,places to eat at reasonable prices. All of the selected restaurants are considered carefully according to strict criteria on style, ambiance and services that make them highly recommended by trusted epicures, food experts and famous bloggers via Eatout.vn.

Eatout Passport – Vietnam dining pocket guide


Holding Eatout Passport means that you have opportunities to try best dishes from many high quality restaurants with variety of styles such as traditional Vietnamese food, refinement of Japan or a modern Europe in the heart of Hanoi… Specially, this Passport is a gift we are pleased to offer you and hope that you can:

  • Carry and use directly at the restaurant to get a meal deal.
  • Use smartphone to scan QR code on Passport and make reservation via Eatout.vn.

And now, please send us your information for Passport delivery in quickest way.

Register to get “Free” Eatout Passport: AT HERE!

For further information, please contact our hotline service:

  • by email at customersupport@eatout.vn
  • by phone at 0936 378 079

Thank you!

Eatout team


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