Introduce 1001 Nights Mediterranean Restaurant – The mystery of the Middle-East food culture

Located in Xuan Dieu Street, one of the streets around West Lake where brings a peaceful atmosphere, 1001 Nights Restaurant appears differently with unique style from Mediterranean. At very first sight, 1001 Nights looks attractive with preciously decorated gate as an engagement of reservation bearing an impress of Arabian inside.

1001 Nights Mediterranean Restaurant
1001 Nights Mediterranean Restaurant

1001 Nights Mediterranean Restaurant 2

The restaurant comprise of cuisine and shisha bar so that we are overwhelmed by both luxurious and liberal decoration. I had a chance to talk with restaurant manager -Mr Rabih that all the materials were totally imported from Moroco, which was expensive and the only one in Vietnam

1001 Nights Mediterranean Restaurant 3

Commodious space of the restaurant give customers not only large tables for family gatherings or party events but also private places for those who prefer quiet, classic space but equipped with royalfurnishment …

1001 Nights Mediterranean Restaurant 4

An interesting information that Lebanese manager cum restaurant’s chef having many years of experience working with hotel, restaurants in Lebanon, Moroco, Arab Emirates brings a touch of refinement to the menu that focus on The Mediterranean Diet officially recognized by Oldways, a nonprofit food-issues think tank in Boston, as one of the world’s healthiest. The most popular dishes of the restaurant is hummus -a creamy, thick spread made primarily from mashed chickpeas and a few other healthy ingredients that has become popular worldwide over the past couple of decades.

Dishes on 1001 Nights Mediterranean Restaurant

Besides, based on the knowledge of age-old dietary traditions of Crete, Greece and southern Italy, 1001 Nights’ diet isabundant in fruits, vegetables and olive oil, sparing with meat and anointed daily with red wine.The New England Journal of Medicine published a study that showed that following a Mediterranean-style, reduced-calorie diet was just as effective as a low-carbohydrate diet.

Dishes on Dishes on 1001 Nights Mediterranean Restaurant 2


The restaurant name somewhat expresses the services that customers will have a chance to enjoy with Feast on traditional East-Mediterranean dishes, smoke shisha, and lounge to Arabian vibes as DJ all night long and belly-dancers dance the night away…


Furthermore, 1001 Nights satisfy customers with acceptable price, for example, a set lunch comprised of soup, salad, pita bread, humus costs only 150.000VND.

So it is good idea to come to 1001 Nights and enjoy the true Mediterranean in Hanoi.

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