Vietnamese noodles extremely inspire food lovers to discover the signature taste they make up. Beside the well-known noodle – Pho, Vietnamese cuisine is proud to a series of noodle dishes with unfogettable flavors. With various types of vermicelli (Bun cha, bun Thang, Bun Bo Hue) or other noodle (Mi Quang, Mien Luon, Cao Lau), you can feel apparently what we want to inspire for you. Food lovers always find fun and delicious in noodle recipes.

We desire to recommend you these noodles for a new journey on Vietnamese food. With the hope of waking up all your taste and love with noodle dishes, we strongly believe that you immediately try tasting all dishes after reading this articles.


Pho – The noodle You Must Try
Pho Recipe – Vietnamese Foods

Pho noodle certainly ranks at the first of this list of delicious noodles; you can find many restaurants with best Pho you need on our sites. Talk about Vietnam Foods, Pho immediately appears in your mind. Focusing these two main types of Pho: Chicken Pho and Beef Pho, it’s a great opportunity to enjoy one of the most favorable dishes in Viet Nam. Further, Pho from Hanoi is a traditional Pho recipe of Viet Nam, surely gives food lovers great feeling. Pho is a well-known food in Hanoi. There are many pho stalls at the vendors or in the restaurants, and even in the coffee shop. Hanoi people eat Pho daily in the morning; it is a traditional and delicious food of Hanoians. For those who travel to Hanoi, Pho would be the breakfast that give you unforgettable experience. For the overview of how to make a delicious Pho Bowls, we can see 5 simple steps. Nonetheless, to have the best Pho bowl is not very simple.

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Bun Cha – Grilled Pork Vermicelli

Bún Chả Chấm with separated vermicelli

It’s time to start your food journey around Vietnam with the first stage at Bun Cha in the North. For a visit to Hanoi, any visitor falls immediately in this dish with aromatic grilled pork, sour, sweet and spicy of dipping sauce and fresh bite of various herbs. “Bún Chả Chấm” and “Bún chả chan” will be two selections when you are in a grilled pork vermicelli restaurant. Food lovers get their passion on the special taste of dipping sauce and aromatic grilled pork. A delicious Bun cha keeps lots of secrets inside. You surely desire to get the recipe what make this dish is more ans more famous. We recommend you a simple and quick recipe to cook this attractive dish as well as cooking tips for you to practice to be a master in this vermicelli dish.

Bun Bo Hue – Hue Beef Vermicelli

After saying goodbye with the first noodle dish, food lovers find other taste of an awesome vermicelli – Bun Bo Hue. This dish originated from Hue Province and keep the stunning features of Hue cuisine: spicy, bold and colorful. It’s not easier to cook this dish with delicacy. You need carefully folow our specific steps to cook this dish, I remember that I got failure for the first time to cook this dish. However, for practicing few times, I’m proud of our cooking ability. Bun Bo Hue is made of three main parts; the broth, vermicelli, beef meat (beef flank) and fresh herbs. For what you have to prepare and the time you have to spend to cook this dish, you can give up at the first time. However, when you enjoy a delicious Bun Bo Hue bowl, you will see that it’s worth with what you do. Furthermore, we truly believe that you can cook well this vermicelli dish with our specific steps.

Deep flavor of a Hue Beef Vermicelli bowl

Mien Luon – Eel Vermicelli

Here is one of the best dish for your breakfast with a unique taste. The main ingredients are eel, fresh vegetables (green onions, cilantro, ear mushrooms) and spices (Pepper, chillies). The most difficul step when you cook this noodle is making Eel meat (You need remove the viscous part by lemon or salt, take out inside part of eel and sliced into 5 cm pieces). Presently, you can select dry or soup eel vermicelli up to your taste. Futhermore, this dish get tastier for eating with grilled rice pancakes (Bánh Đa Nướng).

Mien Luon – Eel Vermicelli
Mien Luon – Eel Vermicelli

Mi Quang – Quang Noodle

Visit Hoi An land, we are in the opportunity of two kinds of renowned dishes: Mi Quang and Cao Lau. Another noodle is eaten with a grilled rice pancake, Mi quang is a vital dish in Hoi An cuisine. It is a perfect combination of chewy noodles, aromatic broths, shrimps, Pork and eggs. Factually, not everuone feels good taste with this dish. It’s a little bit sweeter which the Northerners do not like so much. That does not mean that it is not good dish; Quang noodle is so special and easily cause enjoyers addictively.

A sweet and nutritious flavor of a Quang Noodle bowl

Cao Lau – Hoi An Noodles

You rapidly addict with this dish by a signature taste it has just created. I miss the time I travelled to Hoi An a year ago and Cao Lau immediatly became the unforgotable thing in my trip. It is one of Vietnamese noodles with shrimps, porks and greens; nonetheless, like Quang Noodle, it’s eaten with less broth than Pho. Though Cao lau is more and more popular, Cao Lau in Hoi an keeps the best taste. Its unique flavor is rooting from the water of Bá Lễ well, tro (ashes) taking from Cù Lao Chàm and Fresh herbs in Trà Quế – Hội An. Furthermore, only when you enjoy this addictive noodle in Hoi An – an old street with full of classical patterns and atmosphere, you profoundly feel its unique taste.

Cao Lau – Hoi An noodle with Pork and Green

When you hear about Vietnamese noodle, you surely get Pho in your mind; however, everything changes greatly after this writing. Don’t make your food jour be simple in only your main dishes. The noodle journey have not stopped with this lish of 5 popular Vietnamese noodles, you also get the names of other delicious noodles: Bún Thang, Bún Mọc, Mì Trứng, and more. For getting the authentic taste, we recommend you to visit and enjoy directly in Vietnam.


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