Discover vietnamese cuisine: Northern, Midland and Southern food

Vietnamese Foods are around you now, anywhere from Japan, Korea to the US and UK, etc. It’s easy to find a Vietnam Corner in other countries for numbers of Vietnamese recipes. With delicious recipes coming from the three parts of Viet Nam: the North, Central, and South, anyone surely falls in love with lots of special dishes. Vietnamese cuisine recalls everyone about a wide range of attractive recipes such as Pho, Banh Cuon, Banh Mi, Nem Cuon, Banh Bo, Com Tam, Banh Chung and more. Let’s take a tour of the North to South to enjoy the impressive cuisine of three parts.

The Northern Vietnamese cuisine gets its attractions with authentic, fresh and healthy flavor bringing back.

For locating near china, the Northern foods are influenced by Chinese. Most of the foods are stirred, fried dishes or dishes made from noodles. We can enjoy Pho, Bun cha, Com Tam, Banh Mi and more delicious recipes. The useful list of top 5 favorable dishes in the North of Vietnam helps you to get an almost taste of special feeling the dishes give.

Pho: Talk about Vietnam Foods, Pho immediately appears in your mind. Focusing these two main types of Pho: Chicken Pho and Beef Pho, it’s a great opportunity to enjoy one of the most favorable dishes in Viet Nam. Further, Pho from Hanoi is a traditional Pho recipe of Viet Nam, surely gives food lovers great feeling. For the overview of how to make a delicious Pho Bowls, we can see 5 simple steps. Nonetheless, to have the best Pho bowl is not very simple. Normally, all famous Pho stores have their own ingredients. However, we give you the best ingredient I get for a delicious Pho Bowls.

Pho – The noodle You Must Try
Pho Recipe – Vietnamese Foods

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Bun Cha: Here is a dish for great taste; enjoyers would focus on its broth, the dipping sauce and fresh green. This dish includes 3 main things to create the special taste: grilled pork, dipping sauce, Fresh greens, and vermicelli. Some people get miss between Bun Cha and Bun Thit Nuong because the same grilled Pork. Bun Cha differs Bun Thit Nuong from the separate among three things with its own bowls. To make a delicious Bun cha, you need to select delicious vermicelli, fresh greens and the secret of making dipping sauce which is the spirit of Bun Cha.

Bun cha Recipe – A speciality of the Northern Vietnam
Bun cha – A specialty of the Northern Vietnam

You love spicy food, don’t hesitate; Midland cuisine is waiting for you.

Let’s go around the midland of Vietnamese where contains a number of dishes with spicy tastes. There are hundreds of dishes from Midland cuisine such as Bun Bo Hue, Mi Quang, Ca Kho To, Nem Chua, Banh Beo and more.

Bun Bo Hue is a sophisticated and interesting dish in the central of Vietnam. It is tastefully made from beef and pork bones with lots of lemongrass and shrimp paste.

Like other dishes from Hue cuisine, you will have the opportunity to enjoy your meal with lots of Chilies.

Bun Bo Hue Hot and Spicy Noodles

Mi Quang is a specialty from Quang Nam Cuisine with a unique taste. Normally, a Mi Quang Bowl mainly includes Sautéed Pork and Shrimp. Like other noodles, the broth is the spirit of this dish. Plus, you will enjoy this dish with a variety of fresh greens. It’s not easy to cook a tasteful Mi Quang Bowl, follow these steps How to cook Mi Quang now for your own taste.

Mi Quang Recipe

Now we park at the South of Vietnam with the first destination at Sai Gon.

With sweeter and spicier foods, this place gives visitors lots of attractive recipes.

The South of Vietnam with the warm weather and fertile soil which support a good condition for tropical fruits, the most stunning feature of this area. South cuisine also follow these features with most of the dishes, are sweeter with more herbs, garlic, and coconut milk. Say about Sai Gon, we cannot forget Banh Bo, Hu Tieu Nam Vang, Lau Mam and more.

Basa Fish Recipes

Basa is a special fish which is the freshest from the South. South people love Basa food so much. These simple steps to cook these two attractive dishes from Basa: Lemony Baked Basa & Crispy Baked Basa. just enjoy this dish once, you will miss its unforgettable taste forever. It’s time to cook your own delicious Basa dish for the whole family.

Basa Fish Soup – The best soup for hot weather

Banh Bo

Banh Bo is the best-known cake from Southern Vietnamese Cuisine. With tasteful and tender feeling, South People consider this cake as a delicious dessert. This cake is mainly made from Rice flour and coconut milk. It reminds South People about their childhood.

Banh Bo

Lau Mam

Lau Mam is one of the best delicious of Southern Vietnam with multi-flavors which are the features of water field. The special ingredient with Ca Linh soup and attractive colors vegetables: Spinach, kale heaven, herbs, sour star fruit, banana, cucumber, red peppers and more. That’s the reason why lots of people fall in love with this dish for curious feelings about numbers of tastes.
After joining the complete tour from The North to Midland, South of Vietnam, and your tongue has already enjoyed numbers of wonderful dishes with the signature flavor. You will get experience on the dishes with tasteful feelings from sweet, spicy and authentic foods. The cuisine is always concerned most each nation with special feature comparing with others.

Lau mam

This article just mentions some stunning recipes from three parts of Vietnam cuisine. People can get more dishes by following our site, not only support your essential information but also the simple way to cook your favorite food. In fact, every district has its own special recipe. However, it’s seldom by food Vietnamese foods give an apparent evidence for the position of the first top with the best cuisine in the globe. Stop by here and cook them yourself with our instructions.


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