Vegaterian food in Hanoi – featuring gelato, Pho and ‘chicken’

There’s no shortage of vegan food in Hanoi. In fact, in nearly two weeks there I only got round about 2/3rds of the restaurants, and that’s with my appetite, too! I even found a few more places that aren’t on Happy Cow. Despite the crazy scooter traffic, hassling street vendors, and smoggy pollution blocking the horizon, I fell in love with Hanoi. It’s vibrant, crazy, and full of life and – most importantly – food.

Vegan ice cream in Hanoi, Vietnam

Gelato Italia

This is one of those really really exciting discoveries. Gelato Italia is an Italian run ice cream shop in Tay Ho, and it’s really, really good. Especially the dark chocolate. On one of the days I went, I discovered that I’d got there just in time for the all you can eat buffet for only 110,000D (about $5). I made myself a little ill that night. They have a list on the board of what’s suitable for vegans, and their list changes regularly I’ve heard. It’s hard to find good vegan ice cream options in Asia, so this was a very exciting find.




The Hanoi Social Club

This is one of those ‘chill here all day’ places. They offer a vegan breakfast of a coconut chia bowl, which is delicious, and they have vegan options clearly marked on the menu. They also have homemade soy milk, which curdled and developed a weird cakey consistency when it was turned into a latte. It wasn’t pleasant. The music is good, the staff are lovely, and they have a handmade jewellery store on the first floor that has beautiful and original handmade items. I couldn’t resist buying a couple of pieces. They also sell vegan chocolate. They just need to get their latte sorted! The prices here are more Western prices, but the portion sizes are good, as is the food.



Joma Cafe

Joma Cafe are a chain that you can find all around the city, and of all the cafes I found they’re the best option for vegans. They have Arabica coffee (read about why Vietnamese coffee isn’t vegan here) and soy milk that makes a pretty tasty soy latte. They also have a few soup options (although make sure you ask for no cream) and a couple of Western style hummus/veggie options – a plate and a wrap. If you’re looking for somewhere to sit and work with a coffee and some food for a few hours, I definitely recommend Joma Cafe.



Aubergine Cafe

Aubergine Cafe was the first place I ate when I arrived in Hanoi, and it was good – really really good. The options were a little different to the usual ones, and the decor is quite cute and endearing. The staff are very welcoming and lovely. For a busy backpacker area, the food was a very reasonable price and I meant to go back several more times during my stay in Hanoi, I just never made it. There’s a clearly labelled vegetarian menu, and f you’re in the area and looking for somewhere for lunch, definitely give Aubergine Cafe a try.


Minh Thuy’s

Minh Thuy’s is another omni place with a clearly labelled vegan menu, although you have to ask to not have egg added to your food. It’s good Vietnamese food in a convenient area, and is a very decent price. There are lots of options for vegans, and you should definitely wander in for a bite to eat if you’re in the neighbourhood and hungry.

There are still quite a lot of places I didn’t get to on this trip. Have you found more places in Hanoi that are vegan friendly? Let me know in the comments below.

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