Factors of differences between Eastern – Western cuisines

Today, EatOut will share you some information about Factors of differences between Eastern – Western cuisines, and It doesn’t take a lifetime for you to be able to feel the differences between Western and Eastern cuisines due to their distinct flavors. But what creates those differences, anyway? Let’s find out.

Differences in ingredients combination
To be able to create perfect dishes that win hearts, the chefs must pay attention to various ingredients and spices. Therefore, many people might think that there are certain rules in the art of culinary. But you would be surprised to know those basic rules aren’t pretty much taken into account in terms of creating different flavors in Eastern and Western culinary cultures.

While Western dishes always combine the ingredients whose tastes are contradictory and “avoid” pairing those that have similar flavors, Eastern chefs often cook from the combination of ingredients with lots of common flavors.


Western – Eastern food

According to statistics, 13 main ingredients in Western culinary like butter, milk, eggs – used in 74,4% of the food – are absent in most Eastern dishes.

Differences in regions, weather
differences-between-Eastern-Western-cuisines-2With differences in weather and regions, each country has their own advantages in growing and producing various ingredients. For example: barley, wheat, nuts, legumes, vegetables and seafood…, which leads to different methods of cooking and food styling.

Cultural differences
In Asia, specifically Vietnam, a traditional meal includes rice – vegetable – fish. Asians don’t consume meat as main course but focus on natural vegetables.

In contrast, in European culinary, meat is the most important part of the meal. The most common types of meat is beef and lamb. European chefs also stress the importance of complimentary sauce to elevate the flavors of the meat. Dairy products are often used in the cooking process. Cereal and bread have long been the familiar side foods to eat with the main dishes as well as noodles and cakes.


Outstanding beef steak at La Badiane

It is those differences that make Asian culinary always attractive to the Europeans and vice versa. If you’re curious about the flavors of European foods, come to La Badiane and choose from our exquisite French – Vietnamese food fusion menu!


From: From: EatOut,vn – best vietnamese restaurant review site


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