The mystery of the yellow star “Michelin” – the stars of luxury restaurants


Michelin is a term, or more precisely as a way of assessing the quality of food and service at the upscale restaurants worldwide. The Michelin starred restaurant to anyone must follow the rules very closely in the “Michelin Guide” are directed from 1900 in France. The first star was mounted in 1926 and respectively two and three Michelin in 1993.
According to the “Michelin Guide”, one star means “a good restaurant”, two stars are “recipes subversive” and three stars mean “excellent quality food”. The restaurant achieved this award must be under the management of the most prestigious chefs in the world – is the true innovation for new culinary ideas, is the master of consistency and are leaders deserved for his empire.
More than anything else, the award will help my self-esteem exalted chefs as well as assess their capabilities. Michelin star standard in culinary heights. It can help any restaurant sales increase

star-for-luxury-restautantList price as Michelin star
Will not limp when comparing the degree expensive and desirable gold Michelin star in the culinary world with the film Oscar. The restaurant either 1 or 3 star reached gold are enhanced reputation and owning expensive prices of top world. And while reservations at restaurants with Michelin stars will spend the years, millions of customers keeps on dreaming once tasted great quality food at home to Michelin star petals.Chef Christian Le Squer, gold hit a 3 star Michelin honor system and owns high-end restaurants in Vietnam and France are about to join a series of culinary events.
Michelin’s institutional awards may be summarized as follows: Every year, the appraisal will “acts” in the restaurant as customers, silently assess food quality, menu structure, supply service along many different aspects make the operation of a restaurant. These assessments will be compiled into a report and ranking of restaurants around the world, from which to select the face deserves to be awarded a Michelin star. Workflow in the Michelin Guide has always been a great mystery to outsiders, even the relatives of the house … appraisal is not known about their work to ensure the confidentiality and objectivity.

vietnamese-restaurant-in-hanoiThe amount of gold stars of the restaurant is not fixed by each year. Michelin Guide may decide to “reward” a coveted star for certain restaurants, but also may deprive the gold star of the restaurant if it does not maintain quality standards.
The hierarchy and the mysterious standards
Gordon Ramsay has always been praised as one of the outstanding Chefs in the world thanks to owning a restaurant Ramsay’s Chelsea reach three gold stars Michelin, regardless of class of this restaurant with the unit often secondary with 1 or 2 another gold star.
According to the latest Michelin Guide 2013, while nearly 120 restaurant was awarded 1 star, 20 reached 2 star restaurant is in the category 3 star not change anything, remains sustainable dominance of the Quartet “bosses” as Fat Duck cuisine and Waterside Inn Bray England region, Alain Ducasse At The Dorchester Mayfair area of ​​France and Chelsea’s famous chef Gordon Ramsay demanding. It is also the top 4 restaurants, expensive and difficult book in the world, characterized by high-grade dishes like foie gras pure meat, beef or shrimp Kobe Langoustines, and can cost up a hundred euros per serving.


So far, the media still can not know the standards and specifies to win Michelin stars petal precious, because the evaluation system of the Michelin Guide cuisine is absolutely secure. No one knows the identity of the Michelin Guide inspector under the benchmark marking anyone as their restaurants. However, infer from the results of the Michelin Guide for several decades, it is known that the standard of Michelin stars based on coordination of all elements in a restaurant. Not simply assess the quality of food and standards of Michelin stars are more interested in other aspects as well. One problem is a top priority is the quality of the food, the ingredients of Michelin-starred restaurants always have fresh, clean and guaranteed, the use of canned foods or frozen long day is absolutely impossible acceptable.
However, though most of the Michelin-starred restaurant owner were quite luxurious and have a long history, there are several other restaurants to more casual looks. Michelin Guide has ever awarded a gold star for sushi shop located in the Tokyo subway station, or restaurant Noma in Denmark with only 12 seats and sleek wooden furniture unpainted. This has sparked a wave of protests from the European experts from tumors – those who follow trends favor style “nobility” of fine dining. However, we must also recognize that the standards of the Michelin interesting in that it was away from the standards of luxury, the luxury of the “giants” France, which is closer to the edges interesting, unique and separate personalities of the different cuisines of the world.
Mystery, stern and full of fame, gold star Michelin award not only have a major impact on the global culinary life but also possesses many rumors and controversy surrounding the way grading. However, the new Michelin restaurant with a list of restaurants the best in the world has always been expected by most chefs, diners and the food business annually.

From: EatOut,vn – best vietnamese restaurant review site


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