Barbecue Ribs: How to make a delicous food!

Today i write some tips to cook a delicous food at home when i meet some friend. This food is Barbecue Ribs.


MATERIALS for Barbecue Ribs:

3 pork ribs chestnut

6 tablespoons brown sugar

3- 5 tablespoons paprika

3 tablespoons pepper

3 tablespoons minced garlic

3 tablespoons salt

3 tablespoons yellow mustard

1 box barbecue sauce

Step 1:  Get a large bowl, for pepper, brown sugar, pepper, garlic (or garlic powder) and salt and mix up


Step 2: Sprinkle salt on the slopes before, sprinkle both sides.


Step 3: For a moment to absorb.


Step 4: Then take mustard applied over the face chestnut flanks


Step 5: Basting brush all sides chop


Step 6: Then sprinkle the spice mixture over chops initial mixing.


Step 7: Sprinkle the meat so that the covered surface. For a moment to soak before grilling. Lining baking tray with foil and place in oven down to the barbecue grill gravy running down there.


Step 8: Place the ribs directly on the grill.


Step 9: Turn oven to 250 ° C bake for 1.5 – 2 hours depending on the size of the ribs. Initially you can to 250 degrees and then reduce temperature small baked in 1-2 hours until skewer dish seen as being soft.


Step 10: If you add the barbecue sauce before removing ribs from the oven 10 minutes, apply sauce and place them on the two sides back to the oven 5-10 minutes to get the ball up the outer layer.


Step 11: Get the chopped ribs served hot. Irrigation extra sauce if you like.


Step 12: Served with salad, very tasty salad.


P/s: Enjoy it with some music in a lovely space! Let see many vietnamese delicous food at


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