The Dream Tour: Taking “eat” all over the world.

– Later than 1 week absence, I would go back to 1 translation from CNN about eating cum tour loiter around the world. You should cherish this hard, because I have to eat less time working to that position her boss. Moreover, I hope you also feel honored trip Petit- 2 Zanzanaini and protagonist of the adventure, and also let excited as myself after reading all this paper, contemplate beautiful thing in their adventures –

Gabriella Zanzanaini and just finished 1 Petit Nicolas adventures in anybody’s dream: “To travel” through 20 countries cuisine and territories.

Traveling around in 306 days and nights, from Brussels to Hong Kong, the couple “gluttonous” has published the adventures and all delicacies they tasted on his blog on their famous tour: The Funnelogy Channel. It includes recipes and screen overflowing banquet native dishes that pair predestined encounter on their journey. Yes the food is directly introduced by the professional Chef, but also the typical dishes coming from the housewife or chef street.

The tourist Tajikistan dream: Eating worldwide.

The beard in Iran tourism dream: Eating worldwide.
1 beard in Iran.
Festival tourism in Tajikistan The dream: Eating worldwide.
Festival in Tajikistan
The butcher in Laos British tourists dream: Eating worldwide.
English butcher in Laos
The story began in Brussels in one day in April 2014, when Zanzanaini and Petit decided to abandon the search for adventure of his life.

The first point to be selected as Hongkong, childhood home of Zanzanaini, from 2 people who traveled to countless destinations like Greece, Iran, Turkey, Tajikistan, Myanmar and Laos, of course do not forget to enjoy the superb cuisine in all regions, even the dishes are not sure you ever heard.

After all, their ambition is not to collect 1 list of marine paint your trench, which is the eyes discover something new, little known to each lands, especially those dishes each visitor can only be tasted to be invited to the home of the indigenous people.

The fresh Naan tourism dream: Eating worldwide.
Fresh Naan
Zanzanaini cooed that her desire to inspire the people, that they go ahead and pursue adventures dreamed of myself.

The travel Zanzanaini dream: Eating worldwide.
We have sat together sharing travel concept “Slow travel”, with the meal unforgettable and the most real life, but the most impressive in Iran.

CNN: It sounds like a dream story of anyone: Skip sarcophagi boring paperwork and travel around the world to discover yourself?! Where is the starting point of 2 you?

Zanzanaini: Actually we have seen his work boring or obnoxious at all anywhere.

Both me and he started to spend more enthusiasm for his work, even devoted several months looking for suitable alternatives for our position.

Well, many people also have asked us why not take a vacation, temporary or even 1 in something, and then go back to work? But really, we want to open for his future.

Just imagine then, if you know that you’ll have to go back to the old life of Natural Medicine, the tendon through your adventures as well as 1-day holiday only. What I want is to open up new plans, but we can go anywhere we want.

Petit: We do not want an “ending” the official for this purpose, and then we can feel completely free.

The Petit tourism dream: Eating worldwide.
At the beginning of the journey, in the beginning you will still vicious and encumbered by work or what you have done in the previous few months.

But once you embark on the journey, all things are become wide open, no need to consider the future, or even too khu- and that’s when we can do anything they want.

Travels in a year, the trip that really full of unexpected things.

Hard to say clearly excitement when you next 1 strange place, and do not understand what will happen? Hay amazing things you will be experiencing, it can come under the most unpredictable one way you and everything is open to you to choose.

CNN: So the traveling has changed something in you?

Petit: Oh yes, that’s for sure from now on we hardly felt sad being.

The past experience has completely changed the way we view on life and this world. Zanzanaini they love writing, while I enjoyed taking pictures, so we were trying to convey their worldview through such means.

High effervescent shipwreck
We are passionate people, even more than the scenery or landscapes where we went. Just making you sit in one corner somehow, watching people pass by, that’s had too much to say to each other and discuss it.

There’s always something for you to discover, ligament-related career or money North- things always hang around everyday life. But such experiences are very real and vivid.

“We still dream about noodles and dumplings the northwest of China,” says the traveling duo. “Unlike có Southern counterparts, are the closest thing những noodles to reinforce the argument mà pasta Comes from China.”

Zanzanaini: We will stride to the small village, there are places where no picturesque, nor one where too boisterous, merely one small village. You need to observe every detail, and then will realize their beauty.

We’re still dreaming about the food bowl of noodles and dim rather effervescent list in northwest China. Unlike the way in the south, and taste how pasta here is the cause sparking debate about whether to have originated Pasta China or not!


CNN: What is the most sorrowful of 2 your trip?

Zanzanaini: The first thing we need to do is learn to trust, there is really very important.

During the trip, many indigenous people invited us to dine with them, those that they are patchouli! And frankly, it initially we felt extremely shy. Such waste when you come home comfort others “live feed” and receive their kindness. I felt like I owed. Eventually, when all of them are flung lởi, we were familiar with it and more relaxed, trusting them more.

There is one job that I was bothered, that’s what the first guy in Eastern Turkey. We met one guy night shift students in small local hotel, when chatting, he suddenly suggested we go to his house and tried to eat certain food processing his mother. At night it was 11:30. We nodded clearly, and he arrived, he rejoiced: “Thank you so much for believing in me, the majority of travelers are a bit wary and scared one bit, and they will not agree with the This invites ”

It was stupid, I think we should find grateful and happy to receive an invitation so kind. Sometimes we are afraid, and the fear that comes from the heart itself.

Petit: It is possible that we may eat, because one does not have any bad things happened during the 11-month adventure on the roads for our world.

Zanzanaini wear 1 set Chador tourism in Iran The dream: Eating worldwide.
Zanzanaini wearing one of Chador in Iran
“The more tourists in a place you have, the less connection you have with the people,” says co-founders Nicolas Petit Funnelogy.

CNN: So why 2 you decided to portray his trip with the dishes?

Zanzanaini: I’m obsessed with food, but the most crucial thing that is when you meet with people, despite having language problems, but all of them passionate eating, cooking and people Indigenous always proud of their regional cuisine. And that is precisely the door connects you to their world.

And do not forget that when you get to the country with differences in religion and politics, cuisine is always a safe medium of choice.

You can begin to understand complex things such as culture, society begins sharing the love of food with the natives.

The travel Quang noodle dream: Eating worldwide.


Quang noodle Vietnam
Petit: Whenever we sign and if I can cook with them? The answer has always been there, never had anyone refuse both.

Do not think it’s as simple as that: Go there, cooking and left.
It is important that you can feel the mount.

Recently we have been traveling theater Philippines within 1 week.

Upon reaching 1 small fish market in the town, we have concerns about the culinary crowd how this fish, and almost immediately, everyone in the fish market was gathered and inquired if we What wants to eat them.

Do you see ? Culinary culture as one can create Domino effect, making it the key to connecting all people.

CNN: So what’s stopping point best?

Petit: Well, sometimes you go to a place a bit sleazy, but meet some wonderful people. So you go to choose places where not very important.

We agree that Iran will definitely be back. There really are much different than the original expectations of us. Also made mention Eastern Turkey with the Kurdish region’s soil again.

Myanmar is one great place with magnificent scenery, beautiful spots to record ecstasy.

I think that the development of tourism has destroyed itself. The more visitors, the less you have the chance to communicate deeply with the indigenous people.

If Iran became the country’s first tourism development, certainly we have not had the chance to meet local people warmly welcome you on the road, and then invited the friend to their home and family dine like .

But because there is no iris in the place tourists there, so people are very open and friendly. Along partly because the Iranian nation has suffered one bad language, the more they want to prove to you see their true beauty.

All famous attractions are we crossed off the list, it is difficult to find a real connection in these places.

Phuket is a beautiful region and fun, but very hard to get close to the Thai people there.

We also have Couch surfing (Resident at home natives) in Iran, not because of a head start saving, but want to be close to the people.

There are many Iranians do so to be in contact with the foreigners, but in fact it’s illegal employment, so that there are times when we have to hide from the mountain to the car park of his friend.

Zanzanaini: The most memorable moment of my trip were Trekking (Adventure Tourism) in Central Asia during the Ramadan.

We climbed to the top of one mountain between VND place not butt around, and around, all are nomads.

These families are delighted to us with gifts Yurts (like yogurt) and local meals. Then I thought: “Oh mèn Oh, do not invite us yogurt again, we have to eat it year-round in this country before”

But it is pleasure, the food is delicious yogurt fevered, very smooth, subtle smell greasy and goat’s milk, with color as you have peanut butter candy.

We cup compact and still can not believe it’s so special to.

Petit: In addition, we obsessed with food sidewalks in Vietnam too.

Any one street corner, every 5 minutes, we found one different dishes and tasty sidewalks to that we must try everything. The food there is really very diverse.

Western China is also one highlight of the fun, because we addictive bowl of Chinese noodles.

Noodle and dumpling famous people travel Tau The dream: Eating worldwide.
Noodle and dumpling famous people Tau

Unbelievable is solely one pasta which has many variations to it.

CNN: Well … So how do we trace your itinerary?

Zanzanaini: Plenty Travel Blog out there, focused on guiding the course for you – As type: 10 things to try in the city, where to eat, where to shopping.

Everyone likes to learn these things, but with us, the best part was discovering myself.

We want to tell stories to inspire people to self-seeking private adventures themselves. We want to tell stories about the beauty of cultural diversity, and eventually you will see similarities between them.

Petit: the most wonderful moment in the journey is the surprise.

You dumbfounded before the magnificent scenery of mountain rivers, and never had any one book introduces the guide book does it all. Feeling as if you’ve just won the Olympic gold medal so.

CNN: So the next time you calculated?

Petit: This trip has completely changed the way we viewed the future.
We will continue to travel, but in the form of slow travel.

We will go somewhere, stay 6 months or even 1 year, and gradually discover it little by little.

From: Red Chef


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