Review #1: Eating lunch at French Grill restaurant – JW Marriot Viet Nam

French Grill Restaurant is one of 3 French restaurants in hanoi, along with Crystal Jade, JW Cafe, attached hotels JW. Mariott, Chef Raphael Szurek – 30 years with more than 15 years’ experience in various restaurants in France, including the 3-star Michelin restaurant, directly in charge. It is also an open kitchen restaurant (open kitchen) of Hanoi rare. Kitchen open, or Open Kitchen, is a working space where guests can admire the chef of restaurant work and cooking for themselves. Working here is always a greater challenge to the chefs because they are subjected to the supervision of the diners, which in reality will require clean, neat as a working style no room for promiscuity.

To pick this summer, Grill French restaurant with her chef recently introduced program Sunday Brunch, a separate menu for Sunday, from 11h30 to 14H30. Today i will review about Brunch of French Grill restaurant 

JW Marriot hotel in vietnam

Coming to the French brunch Grill, you will start with a buffet table including imported raw materials to be able to prepare yourself a delicious salad. Accompany it will be cold cuts (smoked ham, sausage, pate ..) by the restaurant itself and several advanced options of seafood (shrimp, scallops, mussels, oysters Fine de Claire, salmon smoked ..). Note to you is a buffet food is a huge trap: if you mess up the following, it is totally understandable, you will no longer stomach the next tasting.



Smoked Salmon

Next, an “à la carte” Sunday Brunch will consist of two options: egg and a main course.


SIGNATURE Chef: 62c egg | truffle mash | port wine sauce [62o cook eggs, truffle mashed, wine sauce]

Benedict: muffin | hollandaise | ham | asparagus [Eggs Benedict: muffin, fever Netherlands (Hollandaise), ham, asparagus]

Florentine: Brioche | bechamel | smoked salmon | spinach [Eggs Florentine: Bread Brioche, bechame sauce, smoked salmon, spinach]

COCOTTE: foie gras | Melba toast [Eggs COCOTTE: fatty duck liver, Melba toast]

ADMIRAL: baguette | choron sauce | mixed seafood [Eggs Admiral: Bread baguette, choron sauce, seafood synthesis]

YOUR STYLE: cripsy bacon | breakfast sausage | Provencal tomatoes [Eggs your way: fried bacon, sausage, tomato Provencal]

Main dish :

LOBSTER THERMIDOR: lobster tail | lobster emulsion [grilled lobster tails: lobster tail grilled romaine vegetable cream, soy Japan]

Cooked ATLANTIC COD FISH SLOW: chorizo ​​| saffron Clearance | kale [Atlantic cod braised vacuum (sous vide): spicy sausage, saffron broth, kale]

Roasted Scallop: black risotto | asparagus [scallops grilled: black rice with Italian risotto, asparagus]

TOURNEDO ROSSINI: black Angus fillet | seared foie gras | spring vegetables [Tournedo Rossini: Beef tenderloin, sautéed duck liver, vegetable spring]

Short Ribs BRAISED ravioli: caramelized onions | truffle sauce [Bread rolls from strips Rib Ravioli stew: Onions road wins, truffle sauce

trứng Signature
Signature eggs




ca ngu nuong
tuna steak

So diep nau risotto

thịt gan ngỗng áp chảo
meat sautéed foie gras

Comes with this menu is the bloody mary drinks like cocktails, Bellini or fruit mocktail capirinas. Unfortunately, the wine, it is best to choose white wine chilled, must individually.


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